I have unabashedly loved every Koreeda film I’ve been able to see. This is a lyrical encapsulation of his world view, I highly recommend you track down and watch as many as you can. (notably the ones mentioned here; After Life, Nobody Knows, Like Father Like Son, I Wish… really, just all of them)

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Some really nice cosplay, source: 


These were taken at The Huntington Library in LA! One of my favorite places, I always thought the Chinese and Japanese gardens would be a fabulous place for an Avatar photoshoot!!

Re-blogging to correct a few facts: this is a currently in production fan film, not cosplay, and the test footage where these photos come from were shot at the Chinese Gardens in Snug Harbor on Staten Island, NYC (not LA). If you want to keep track of the film then like the facebook page and we’ll keep you updated!

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I don’t care what you think about her as a rapper, or if she should even be in the game. Let’s just talk about this dress she’s rocking for a second. In a minute though, because I need a minute.

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I only listen to Belle & Sebastian because in my head, they remind people I admire of their youths and lost loves. Not real people, just a general sect of people I imagine to be vibrant and interesting, spending listless summer days at university campuses in the early 90s. I imagine them falling in love with a girl who constantly played Tigermilk at her off campus apartment she shared with that art collective they were always intimidated by. I imagine them, now in their 40s, sitting in a handsome study and laughing at how pretentious they were back then. They would pull out Tigermilk and remember her and all the writing pieces they started because they were inspired by her, only to be distracted by her, and the bed sheets, and the smell of grass in the sun.

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at first i was like lol but then I serioused music belle & sebastian nostalgia SUMMER